What is Naturopathic Medicine?

(This page contains a summarized answer. Head over to the blog for a more in-depth look at what makes naturopathic medicine different.)

Naturopathic medicine (also called naturopathy) is a distinct practice of medicine that utilizes both conventional and holistic therapies to identify and treat the root cause of illnesses, not just manage and suppress symptoms, as well as address the whole person to prevent illness in the first place. Naturopathic doctors believe the body has an inherent ability to heal if you can help remove obstacles to health. This is achieved through a partnership with your doctor to work together toward your goals, instead of a situation where treatment is dictated to you and in which you have no say. Prevention is emphasized through educating patients about their health concerns.

There’s a lot you can learn about what makes naturopathy different, but that’s the basics. Head over to the blog to learn more about how naturopathic doctors are educated and trained (and how to tell if your naturopathic doctor was educated at an accredited school), what therapeutic methods NDs are trained in, what the Therapeutic Order is, and more!