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Attention: Due to the circumstances regarding COVID-19, Stormhaven Natural Health is currently offering visits via Telemedicine ONLY.

You can still schedule a virtual Meet and Greet (via appointment), virtual Initial Visit, and virtual follow up visits (30 or 60 minutes).
Since bodywork cannot be delivered virtually, no bodywork visits are available until further notice.
Membership and service packages are still available by request.

Meet and Greet – 15 minutes – FREE

All people age 18 years and older who are interested in enrolling in care at SNH should schedule a FREE 15-minute Meet and Greet appointment. This allows you and me the chance to see if we are a good fit to work together. Due to the limited and specialty nature of my office, I may not be the most appropriate office to provide the level of care required to meet your health needs. You also can use this opportunity to see the office and ask some initial questions you may have about how I can help you with your concerns.

No medical advice can be given at this type of appointment. I will not gather any medical history, nor provide any diagnosis or treatment.

There is no obligation to schedule any further appointments or to enroll in care at SNH during this meeting. This appointment does not establish any provider-patient care under SNH.

However, if you wish to enroll in care, I will schedule you for an Initial Visit (to take place in the near future) and you may be provided with my New Patient Packet. The forms in this packet MUST be filled out completely BEFORE your Initial Visit. Failure to complete the forms before your Initial Visit begins may result in your Initial Visit being rescheduled and you may be subject to a cancellation fee for this rescheduling.

Initial Visit – 45 minutes – $75

A one time Initial Visit appointment is required for patients to establish care under SNH. This is an information-gathering appointment and treatment may or may not be given at this visit. During this appointment we go over your comprehensive health history, current health, establish your goals for care, and begin formulating a treatment plan to accomplish those goals.

This fee includes out-of-office administrative and research time I may spend individualizing your treatment plan and getting you set up in my electronic health records and secure messaging systems.

Established patients are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Secure doctor-patient messaging through the Charm Patient Portal or the Spruce messenger app.
    • This service is free when either a) used for clarifying questions about a treatment plan within a week of your appointment where the plan was given OR b) if the response takes less than 3 minutes for me to respond to.
    • If neither of the above conditions apply, a $15 charge per correspondence will occur.
    • Reply time cannot guaranteed in less than 3 business days, nor am I reliably able to reply outside of business hours.
  • Eligibility to purchase service packages or enroll in an Individual Membership plan (see below).
  • Discount off MSRP on supplements through my Fullscript portal.

Follow Up – 60 minutes – $150

After your Initial Visit, your ongoing care visits will either be 30- or 60-minute follow ups. I will usually tell you what type of appointment length you should schedule for, but if in doubt you should schedule for 60 minutes. If you end up needing less time, I may end the appointment early and charge accordingly, at my discretion.

These 60-minute visits are good for presenting new concerns, going over something in more depth that was brought up at your Initial Visit, or for mixed type visits.

Brief Follow Up – 30 minutes – $75

Brief follow up visits are great for mixed follow up concerns that don’t fit another appointment type, especially established treatment plan follow ups.

If you aren’t sure your concern fits into these descriptions, please secure message me first, or instead schedule for 60 minutes to ensure we have enough time to address your concerns.

Now available – Counseling-only and Biofeedback-only follow up visits – 45 or 60 minutes ($67.50 or $90, respectively)

Significant progress in counseling and biofeedback can take time to achieve, and I know either visit type is a significant investment for you over time, so I offer a special rate for these types of visits knowing more than one is planned. No new concerns can be addressed or other treatments usually given at these appointments.

Bodywork-Only Visit – 60 minutes – $90 – not currently available

This service is only available for established patients. If you have had a Meet and Greet visit but not yet completed an Initial Visit, please schedule an Initial Visit instead.

Bodywork-Only appointments make it more affordable to get the ongoing bodywork you need, whether it’s massage, craniosacral, cupping, stretching, or some other bodywork form.
This visit type does not include medication management nor am I able to address other health concerns during this appointment time. This type of appointment is not eligible for further discounts, such as from the membership plan.

Individual Membership Plan

$90 per month, no long-term contract

Available only to established patients who have completed an Initial Visit.

An Individual Membership is intended for patients who need more consistent, ongoing support to be able to access more care at a reduced cost. It is especially useful for chronic or maintenance care for treatments such as biofeedback, bodywork, lifestyle counseling, or craniosacral therapy.

Individual Membership also includes the following benefits:
– includes one 30-minute visit per month
– free included digital support with me through the Charm Patient Portal or Spruce messenger app.
– additional discount on supplements through Fullscript portal
– discount on additional service appointment fees during the month (bodywork-only visits included when available)

Membership benefits cannot be combined with service packages for compounded discounts.
Membership can be canceled at any time but re-activation after cancellation incurs a reactivation fee.

Service Packages

Available only to established patients who have completed an Initial Visit.

Sold in units of 30-minute visit increments (can be combined for a 60-minute visit).
All packages feature a 20% discount off the appointment fee total for services paid in advance.

Cannot be combined with membership plans. Must be purchased in-office.

Menu Summary

Pricing transparency is important to me. I have structured my return visit fees around time blocks, so you pay for the duration of the appointment and not per treatment type used during a visit.

Please note there may be separate additional fees associated with your care such as fees for labs, supplements, medications, etc, which will each be discussed prior to implementing them.

Meet and Greet15 minFree
Initial Visit45 min$75
Follow Up – 6060 min$150
Follow Up – 3030 min$75
Bodywork-Only60 min$90
Digital Communication Fee>3min$15 each
Individual Membership$90/month
Service PackagesVaries