Appointment Types and their Fees

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Rates subject to change. This page will contain the most up to date information.

Pricing transparency is important to me. Whenever possible, I try to identify costs in advance. How you are paying for your appointment informs the logistics of what is due at or before time of service.

Health insurance (such as through your workplace plan or the marketplace). This is what most people are familiar with when it comes to receiving healthcare services. Different plans have many different nuances in what is covered and how, including if there are additional steps needed before you can receive a service. I am in network with Regence and Premera plans in WA. When credentialing with an insurance company, I agree to accept a company-specific amount for certain types of appointments; at the time of service you may or may not pay a co-pay or some other fee as established by your individual plan and the insurance company provides the office payment later.

Remember, if you are seeking massage therapy care covered by your insurance, it must be medically necessary as proven by a prescription that details what areas or symptoms need care. Insurance does not cover wellness, relaxation, or maintenance massage.

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is a different kind of insurance available through your car insurance plan in the event of an accident. One of the things it covers is your medical care related to the accident, which can include massage therapy. At the time of service, you may not need to provide any kind of payment, and your insurance company provides the office payment later per the billing rate listed.

Self pay in full at the Time of Service. If you are not utilizing an outside payer such as the two above, you can pay for your appointment yourself on the day of the appointment using the amount for “Discount for if Payment Received in Full at the Time of Service”. I currently use Square to accept credit, debit, and HSA cards as forms of payment.

In some cases there may be separate additional fees associated with your care, including but not limited to fees for cancellations, labs, supplements, medications, or certain non-covered services, which will each be discussed prior to implementing them.

Non-comprehensive List of Visit TypesCodeTime (must meet or exceed on date of encounter)Billing RateDiscount for if Payment Received in Full at the Time of Service
TOS New Patient Combo – Intake and Bodywork15-30 minutes in person + 60min massage (code equivalents)$190-234
Initial Visit9920215 min$57$46
Initial Visit9920330 min$113$90
Initial Visit9920445 min$169$135
Initial Visit9920560 min$225$180
Follow Up9921210 min$38$30
Follow Up9921320 min$75$60
Follow Up9921430 min$113$90
Follow Up9921540 min$150$120
Bodywork-Only9712460 min (4 units)$180$144
9712430 min (2 units)$90$72
Non-covered services by agreement
Cancellation or reschedule if <24 h noticeany appointment type$50
No call, no show missed appointmentFull appointment charge

For your first appointment, you may be provided with my New Patient Forms digitally (preferred) or in print. The forms MUST be filled out completely and returned to me BEFORE your Initial Visit. Failure to complete the forms before your Initial Visit begins may result in your Initial Visit being rescheduled and you may be subject to a cancellation fee for this rescheduling.

My cancellation policy is as follows:

Any appointment cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice before the scheduled appointment time may result in a $50 fee per appointment. Giving me notice is easy any time of day with secure texting in the Spruce app to 425-549-4732. No call, no show may result in a charge for the total cost of that day’s visit.

Bodywork-Only Visit – 60 minutes

If you are using your insurance plan to receive covered massage care, but have not established care with Stormhaven, you will need a prescription for massage therapy from another provider (you will still need to complete intake forms, but we will not spend extra time going over them or doing a thorough re-evaluation since it will have already been done by your referring provider).

Bodywork-Only appointments make it more affordable to get the ongoing bodywork you need, whether it’s massage, cupping, stretching, or some other bodywork form.
This visit type does not include evaluation of new concerns or medication management nor am I able to address other health concerns during this appointment time.
Some services, like cupping, may not be covered by insurance plans and likely need to be paid for out of pocket with a signed waiver form.

Bodywork, usually limited to massage therapy and stretching, can be billed to PIP as part of your post car accident care; please refer to billing codes in the table above.